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The viticultural estate Azienda Agricola Il Carpinowelcomes you to its web site!

The Estate

Il Carpino

We are located in San Floriano del Collio, a village on the border with the neighboring country of Slovenia, one with a soil which is particularly suited to the cultivation of the vine. Our estate began operating with its first labels and with its own name in 1987, a time when my father-in-law Silvio, later deceased, was still with me. Now I am aided and assisted by my wife Anna and by my children Naike and Manuel. But the real first step came in 1970 when Silvio left his work as a fruit and vegetable wholesaler in order to dedicate himself to working the countryside. He purchased a few acres of land and began to ferment the grapes he cultivated and sell the wine in bulk. I worked with him in my spare time, the moments available to follow the production of the wine, but eventually, like him, left my former work as an automobile repairman specializing in electrical work. Bit by bit we acquired other vineyard parcels and by now have pieced together more than 40 acres (17 hectares) of vineyard land, over 35 which we own and another 5 which we lease.

The family-style operation of our estate, something we are extremely proud of, allows us to control each and every phase of the winemaking cycle from the fermentation to the marketing of the wines. We consider ourselves cultivators of the soil and this, at this particular moment in time, is a heavy responsibility in that we must be interpreters of the essence of our territory and, at the same time, its custodians.

A wine is the last piece in a puzzle, the final step of a process which begins in the vineyard and finishes in the bottle; it must express as well as possible its place of origin so that the territory can tell its story and be heard all over the world.


Our philosophy of cultivation of the vine is based on respect for nature, for the vines themselves, and for the character of the landscape; we believe that these elements are interdependent and, accordingly, that we must work to bring out the best in each of them. Our maximum care and attention is given to the vineyard, constantly seeking to keep it healthy, refusing the use of all types of weed-killers or other chemical products and, when necessary, utilizing solely products for organic agriculture.

Excluding the use of products obtained from chemical synthesis and working the soil as carefully and delicately as possible, we seek to maintain the natural fertility and character of the vines as well as the healthiness and natural character of the vineyard itself. All this creates a harmonious rapport with the environment which helps us to grow natural grapes and produce natural wines.

What we seeking to achieve are wines which are an expression of the their territory and their grape variety, and we wish to underline this aspect of our work in order to explain the unique character of our production.

The life of each and every wine begins in the vineyard, in the individual vine, and in every bunch of grapes.


Our soil is composed of clay and “ponca”, a clay-rich marl which alternates with calcareous sandstone; together they give a vibrant, mineral character to the wines.

Our philosophy aims at putting into practice a viticulture which fully respects its territory of origin in the working of the vineyard and carefully follows the evolution of the wines in the cellar.

The grape varieties which have been selected have been carefully planted with an eye towards the specific position of each part of the terrain, choosing those sites where they can best grow. The vine density per acre is of fundamental importance, as is the production per vine: the latter must be very limited in order to obtain maximum quality in the wines.


Vini macerati

The CARPINO line, or the “Selections”, consists of limited production wines obtained from certain select vineyard plots.

The fermentation takes place exclusively in French oak barrels. Over the last few years, however, there has been an increased use as well of Slavonian casks where the grapes – even in the case of those for the white wines – macerate on their skins for four or five days in order to obtain a final product with powerful and complex aromas and flavors, capable of accompanying meat dishes as well and highly suited to a lengthy period of aging in bottle.



The “Vigna Runc” line consists entirely of fresh and fruity wines produced from younger vineyards. The fermentation – given that the wines do not have the force and structure for fermentation in oak – takes place solely in stainless steel tanks.

Wine has the power of a Divine song.
It stirs strong emotions and enriches the heart and the mind.


Invitation to our cellars

From September 2014 on, the fifth edition of the top of the line Merlot, the 2007 Rubrum, will be on sale; this wine is produced and marketed only in exceptionally successful vintages. The Sosol family will be happy to receive you in their cellars to taste the wine together and listen to your useful suggestions.

Welcome to our new site

We are happy to present our new “virtual” home , a small space on the web which we wish to utilize to give you a taste of our Collio wines. Contact us if you wish to visit our cellars and taste our wines

How to arrive at the Esate

By car
The Villesse exit of the A4 superhighway – continue on the road towards Gorizia. Once in Gorizia, follow the signs for Oslavia and San Floriano del Collio

By train
Approximately ten minutes by taxi from the Gorizia railroad station.

By plane
Approximately twenty minutes by taxi from the Ronco dei Legionari airport
Approximately 90 minutes by taxi from Venice’s Marco Polo airport

Azienda Agricola IL CARPINO

Azienda Agricola IL CARPINO

Località Sovenza 14/A

P.Iva 00409240314